Compact rubber

We manufacture solid rubber.

Available in EPDM , in hardness of 50º shores . Color : matte black . Density : 1,35 gr/cm³.

Available sizes : from 1 mm to 10 mm. Thickness.

  • Among its main characteristics it is worth mentioning its good resistance to ozone and aging.
  • Excellent temperature resistance (-407+120°C).
  • Excellent resistance to chemical products.
  • Very good resistance to detergent mineral acids, phosphoric ethers, ketones, alcohols.
  • Very good performance with hot water or high pressure steam.
  • Good mechanical properties. 

Also available in neoprene (CR), in hardness of 70 º shores. Color : black. Density : 1,31 gr/cm³ .

Available sizes : from 1mm. up to 8 mm. Thickness. 

Among its main characteristics, we highlight: high resistance to cold, good resistance to dry heat.